Rick Talley

CEO and community manager

Rick is primarily the CEO of FaceDaxxer, but he also functions as community/PR outreach manager.

Robert Moreno

The backend developer

Robert is the bread and butter of our whole operation. He's developed our hack engine, all by himself.

Off to a rough start

Rick and Robert initially met during their masters study at the University of California. Robert was studying programming and he'd always been a bit in the gray area of things. It was during this time that he started developing the FaceDaxxer password hacker.

Joining forces

Rick saw the business potential in the password hacker that Robert was working on and after agreeing on the partnership, Rick started developing the front end part of the web site. Due to the nature of the business, no investers wanted to get involed, thus Rick paid for server costs etc. out of his own pocket. A year later the site was live and the hacker was online.

Status quo

Seeing as Facebook is an ever changing service, Robert has plenty of work on his hands. A couple of interns and part time programmers have been hired during the times but due to the gray area of the business, Rick and Robert prefer to keep the team size as tiny as possible.

We'll gradually add more parts to this section but as of now, we've decided to keep it short and simple.